Document Imaging Sensible for Any Business

Even the smallest business can become quickly buried in an avalanche of paperwork.  Traditional filing practices can expose vital company documents to damage and decay from pests, fire and the elements,  the risk of loss or being misplaced, and many long hours spent in the document retrieval process.

Efficiency Partners’ customers have been scanning, storing and retrieving their vital business records electronically for years.  Business documents such as shop paperwork, packing lists, vendor invoices, material certifications, contracts, HR records, meeting notes, etc. are batch scanned and automatically linked to corresponding Crescendo database records using simple barcoding technology.   For example, when a vendor invoice is received in the mail, the A/P clerk enters the invoice details into the Crescendo system.  Upon acceptance of the new payable invoice record, a small adhesive barcode tag is automatically printed on a nearby light-duty barcode printer such as the Zebra LP-2844Z.  The clerk affixes this tag to the original invoice document and, instead of manually placing it in a filing cabinet, drops it in a “to be scanned” box with other recent documents.  At the end of the day, this stack of documents to be scanned is loaded into the automatic document feeder of a Twain-compatible scanner such as the Ricoh Aficio or the Fujitsu Scanpartner, and the Crescendo scanning interface software is invoked.  With the click of a button, all the documents in the feeder are scanned, automatically linked to source records, compressed and permanently archived on an accessible drive.  From that point forward, any Crescendo user can access these documents directly without getting up from their desk or having to browse or search through a list of hundreds of similar files.

Sensible on-site and physical media-based backup strategies ensure that these vital documents are never entrusted solely to a single hard drive which is prone to failure.  Most of EP’s customers are so confident of Crescendo’s archiving and retrieval system that they don’t bother to save the original physical copies of the documents.  They go straight from the scanner to a “scanned” box, which is kept for a few days and then sent for recycling.

Efficiency Partners can deliver a document imaging solution that is custom-tailored to your company’s paperflow and that reduces human effort dramatically while enhancing reliability and accessibility.  The low cost of today’s high-capacity storage media enables any business to store valuable documents indefinitely.  Contact us at 518-874-0616 to get started.

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