Opportunities Abound to Eliminate Grunt-Work

EP consultants make it a point to spend time at our customers’ sites on a regular basis.  This puts us in direct contact with their people, procedures and problems, and enables us to deliver targeted solutions quickly with minimal organizational disruption.

On one such consulting visit recently at Orion Fashions, a Manhattan-based distributor of costume jewelry, I was shocked to discover, quite by accident, that an accounting person was spending nearly an entire day of manual effort to post a single customer payment.   As most of Orion’s customers are large retail chains, they will frequently send a single payment which covers several hundred individual invoices.  I noticed the accounting clerk accessed the chain store’s web portal to obtain and print payment breakdown information, and then laboriously rekeyed pages of individual invoice numbers into their EP Crescendo cash receipt screen.  With a few hours work, our programmers had added a button to the cash receipt entry that would electronically import the payment detail from a spreadsheet downloaded from the chain store’s web portal.  This modest time investment will save literally hundreds of hours of time each year for Orion’s accounting staff.

If you look around your company, these types of opportunities to streamline repetitive activities exist everywhere.  Companies that commit to making these types of improvements continuously are able to expand their revenues and their margins consistently.  Contact Efficiency Partners at 518-874-0616 to see how your enterprise could benefit from the expertise of our consultants and technicians who can quickly identify and implement solutions that will make your business run more efficiently.

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