EP Facilitates Functional Division For Financial Services Co.

National Check Trust (NCT) is a financial services company based in Miramar, FL that guarantees bounced consumer checks for merchants nationwide in the automobile, furniture and construction trades.  NCT utilizes EP’s Crescendo software to manage a huge inventory of consumer obligations, a dizzying array of bank accounts, and a complex set of business rules.

In 2008 NCT launched NCT Collection Services, Inc., a separate but tightly integrated collection arm, leveraging NCT’s collection expertise to serve new markets.  NCT looked to Efficiency Partners to not only provide an accounting system for the new venture, but also to integrate its operations seamlessly and electronically with NCT’s own accounting database, providing full visibility at the case level on both companies’ systems.

This aggressive level of operational integration is a boon for both companies, as it allows every transaction to be keyed only once yet instantly populated on both sides.  As such, NCT and CSI can share technical and administrative resources to reduce operating overhead.  Working in close cooperation with NCT’s internal IT staff, EP began the project in May of 2008 and completed it in January 2009.