Crescendo ported to Reality Database

Efficiency Partners’ Crescendo enterprise software has been successfully ported to Northgate/Arinso’s Reality database environment.   The Reality database offers a large number of compatibility options to accommodate most features commonly available in other “Pick” or “Multivalue” databases.  It also provides an architecture that permits each user process to be managed individually through the Windows task manager, along with a rapid image-based database save and restore capability.

Historically EP has favored TigerLogic’s mvBASE version of the Multivalue database, which remains the primary database engine for most of its customers.  One of EP’s significant customers, United Tranzactions, LLC (UTA), recently elected to migrate its systems to the Reality platform.  EP engineers researched the functional and syntactical nuances that separated the two database environments.  One of the biggest challenges, says EP CEO Sam Hazleton, was how to manage a single set of Crescendo’s over 5,000 programs that can function properly in both environments.  “I’ll never be put in a position where I have to manage two separate copies of the same code.  With some innovative changes to Crescendo’s precompiler, we were able to model the differences between the two environments in such a way that no program conversion whatsoever is required when migrating between Multivalue versions.”

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